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Sybelle does it again!

Bringing her immense creativity and skill into home spaces once again, Interior Architect, Designer and industry expert extraordinaire Sybelle Nakhle sets yet another stunning home styling at 57 Milano Boulevard, Karaka.

As one of the most sought-after interior designers and stagers in the Auckland area, and with numerous successful landmark

property stagings to her name, Sybelle recently took on a luxurious waterfront masonry structure constructed by multi-award winning builders Eden Homes, who are renowned for their sleek and statement- making masonry construction and careful craftsmanship.

The timelessly elegant house on 57 Milano Boulevard (on sale now via Sandra Bullock who specialises in both Residential & Lifestyle properties) is set amidst spectacular gardens and a glittering sapphire pool designed by acclaimed landscaper Kirsten Sach.

After a brief call, the creative process for styling the harbour view masonry home began in earnest for Sybelle and her team.

Taking her inspiration from modern French architecture and luxury combined with comfort, Sybelle’s vision for the approx. 350 sq m

property was to pay homage to the impeccable architecture and create a luxuriously contemporary design with varying ambiances

and tones, each flowing and melding into a single and stunning overall aesthetic. Sybelle’s unique touches to each of her highly

sought-after home stylings come with a process that includes exquisite attention to detail, the inclusion of bespoke furniture from her own personal line, intricate restorations that recreate and elevate a space, as well as carefully curated artwork and decor to complement the home’s existing features such as staircases, flooring, wall panelings, fireplaces and more. For Sybelle, securing these first impressions is key to creating focal points in each room, and evolves into redefining corridors and entryways to lend

the perfect balance for an immaculate finished interior.

With an eye for all things beautiful, and combined with her inherent love for the arts, Sybelle focuses on pairing the house to the

artist. For this project, she collaborated with contemporary artist Anita Madhav, showcasing the talented artist’s love of vibrant colour, originality and alluring brushstrokes. The home was styled using carefully selected pieces from Anita’s extensive collection of rich floral motifs in deep fuchsia and violet tones.

Ultimately, styling a house is a subtle art that when properly executed creates beautiful and liveable spaces for people to revel in and enjoy.

Sybelle is an expert at this game and is quickly becoming an asset to homeowners looking for new and artistic ways to restyle and define their houses without the stress of having to undertake the task themselves. Having a house with luxurious rooms designed and decorated to perfection, and in a short span of time is where Sybelle and her team come in, as always excelling in the art of design and styling with effortless ease.

If you would like to find out more information about the property. 

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