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Hi, I'm Sybelle

Founder and owner of Sybelle Design.

A qualified Interior Architect & Designer with a life long passion for interior design.

Born and raised in Lebanon, I come from a family of architects, engineers, and designers so from a young age I was always finding ways to style and elevate the spaces around me.

Since moving to New Zealand in 2006, finding the man of my dreams and having my 4 beautiful children, I have continued to work in the industry, which has given me the opportunity to continue my passion for all things creative.



I moved to Auckland in 2005 after I met and married my husband, Daniel. Now, 19 years later, we live happily with our four kids and two massive German Shepherds among the rolling hills of South Auckland.

We are a family owned business that has dedicated their passion to building, development and property investment and management across Auckland under the Nakhle Group. This gives us the leading edge working across the industry.



Interior Design and Architecture improve day-to-day living in every possible way. From streamlining your kids' morning routine to get out the door on time, to unwinding each night in a resort-worthy bedroom retreat that's all your own.

I bring my design knowledge and passion to my clients, transforming your spaces and delivering exceptional customer service each step of the way.

From big-picture architecture and design plans to every last styling detail, I oversee every aspect of your interior design or staging project.

So you can forget the stress and focus on the joy of the final end result.


Whether you're looking for custom Interior Design services for your own home, or Home Staging solutions for your real estate listing, our team at Sybelle Design can help.

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